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January 26, 2008, 7:03 pm
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Website is finally totally complete!
there is not one thing that is not up, and that is a great feeling. I created this website totally from scratch, just to see if i could, and I was surprised. Let me know what you think.

Also, I have been meaning to put this on the site for awhile now, but I finally listed it! Any package that is ordered through Bird in Hand Photography will have a portion of the proceeds donated to WorldVision for the wonderful work they are doing helping with poverty in the world. On my site I do not have why I specifically support worldvision, but i wanted to let everyone know! A long time I did my research on the organizations that raise money for children in poverty, and you would be surprised how much a donation actually goes to children in need. I know from a fact from the ECFA (Evangelical Council Financial Accountability) reports that 84.1 percent of every dollar goes specifically to those in need. Another reason why I support worldvision is that you can choose what you give to whether it is specifically establishing wells for clean water, because the majority of illnesses in the world are caused by drinking unclean water (according to my health psychology professor in college,maybe i did learn something), or skills training, helping with education costs, or giving a much need farm animal to a family that needs it, we can make a huge difference a little bit at a time.
Check them out for yourself!


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